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Additional Moving Tips

Links to good content and additional things to think about.

  • Here is a good video about driving a truck.
  • How much do you want to do? Some of you options.
  • If we are loading you up for a long distance move you will need to rent pads and having a handtruck may be good as well. You should be talking to the unloader of your truck before you leave. Likely your schedule will slide some, so just tell them when you expect to be there. Keep them in the loop as things change.
  • There are several places where you can get boxes, sometimes for free! Boxes are frequently given away at places like Walmart or Target, or in the produce department of many grocery stores. Go there on a Sunday in the morning and chances are there will be lots of boxes available. Books and other heavy things need to be in smaller boxes that are well made. Fluffy things just need be contained. Pioneer Packaging in Kent and Lowe's sell good boxes as well as tape, marker and shrink wrap.