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Saving Money

So, you want to save money?
Glad you asked! Are you thinking of moving some of your belongings, so that you can pay us to only move larger items? Here is something to think about. The truck holds several car loads! Why spend the gas and wear and tear on your vehicle? Let us move it all for you.

There are many ways you can save money

  • Packing everything in boxes or shrink wrap before our movers arrive makes the move go a lot faster. Since our rates are hourly, this translates into a lower overall moving cost.
  • Putting all the boxes and small items in a central location close to where the truck will be parked will also make the move go a lot faster.
  • You can put the boxes and small items next to the truck. We don't suggest that you move the items that are large or heavy, however. That's what you hired us for!
  • There are several places where you can get boxes, sometimes for free! Boxes are frequently given away at places like Walmart or Target, or in the produce department of many grocery stores. Go there on a Sunday in the morning and chances are there will be lots of boxes available. Books and other heavy things need to be in smaller boxes that are well made. Fluffy things just need be contained. Pioneer Packaging in Kent and Lowe's sell good small boxes as well as tape, marker and shrink wrap.
  • In this business time is money! Figure how many hours you can afford. Let the manager know at the start; let us work it out with your help. We can move the heavy and large items first then you'll know what you will have left. Do this a day or two before you have to be out.